Crèche and Kidz Club

The Crèche at Craigie provides an educational and fun experience for children. Activities include arts, crafts, storytelling, toys and games.


The crèche welcomes children from eight weeks to five years of age.

Opening Hours
Day Hours
Monday to Friday 8.15am - 12.30pm
Saturday 8.00am - 12.00pm
Sunday Closed
Public Holidays Closed
  Up to 1.5 hours Up to 3 Hours
First child $5.30 $8.40
Second child $4.80 $7.40
10 visit pass $53.00 $84.00
Additional Information
  • Bookings must now be made online using the online booking form below;
  • Bookings open up to 48 hours prior to attending;
  • You must complete the Crèche Enrolment Form prior to attending/booking online;
  • Payments are made in centre, on arrival for your booking;
  • Parents are required to provide a change of clothes and drink for their child, for the duration of their stay.
Crèche and Kidz Club Information

The Crèche at Craigie Leisure Centre aims to provide a caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment.

Enrolment procedure

An online enrolment form must be completed prior to your child / children’s first visit to the crèche. This gives the crèche important information regarding medical issues, allergies and emergency contact details. Please notify the crèche of any changes to the enrolment form details.

Government regulations state the parent/guardian must remain at Craigie Leisure Centre while the child is in the crèche. This is to ensure you are available to attend to your child’s needs when required.

Sign in/Sign Out

Your child must be signed in when they arrive and signed out when they leave. The parent/guardian signing the child in, must also sign the child out (unless stated otherwise).

The person collecting the child must be authorised on your enrolment form. In the event of an alternative person coming to collect the child, the parent/guardian must notify the crèche staff prior to the collection date. Notification is to be made when completing the online booking.

Permanent changes to the information outlined on the enrolment form is to be completed by submitting a new enrolment form.

In the case of an emergency where the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the names and contact numbers on the enrolment form may be used and that person may collect the child.

Staff Qualifications

Craigie Leisure Centre will provide qualified and experienced staff. All staff have Working with Children Check and senior staff have current Senior First Aid certificates.


All significant accidents will be recorded on an accident form located in the crèche. Parents/guardians must sign the form when collecting their child to confirm they have been informed of the accident.

Health Protocol

Wherever possible, in the event of an outbreak of any illness or infectious disease, written information will be available for parents/guardians.

Please keep your child away from the crèche if they appear unwell or have suffered vomiting, diarrhea, fever, conjunctivitis, flu symptoms or have an undiagnosed rash. Should your child be too unwell to attend school, we request your child not attend the crèche for the same reason.

In the event of your child becoming unwell in the crèche you will be notified immediately and asked to take your child home.


Unless requested you will be contacted:

  • when your child is distressed;
  • in the case of an injury or illness; or
  • should an issue arise with our behavior management protocol. Parents/guardians are required to return to crèche immediately if requested by crèche staff.

Behaviour Management

Every child is given positive guidance directed towards acceptable behaviour. Each child’s efforts will be acknowledged and negative behaviours will be redirected to more appropriate behaviour.


The staff are committed to providing a high quality program in the crèche. The program is a blend of child led play and intention teaching experiences implemented within a nurturing environment. Each program is term based and incorporates activities with a focus on developmental milestones, community and cultural events.


In an evacuation your child/children will be taken to the assembly area where he/she can be met. Your child/ children will not be able to leave the area until a supervising officer of an evacuation gives the all clear. Please do not try to collect your child from the crèche prior to an evacuation.


Due to high incidences of food allergies, food is not permitted within the crèche facility. If your child requires food for medical reasons, please consult our crèche staff. If your baby requires bottle feeds, make sure the bottle and formula are clearly labeled with the child’s full name as any unlabeled bottles will not be able to be given.

Sun protocol

All children are given a choice to play inside or outside. Children are encouraged to be sun smart. Please ensure your child has a hat and shoes provided all year and has suncream applied before entering the crèche.


Medication, with the exception of an epi pen for severe anaphylaxis or an asthma puffer for severe asthma, will not be administered at any time. For children with severe anaphylaxis or asthma, an action plan must be supplied before your child can enter the crèche. This must be completed by your child’s doctor and must be supplied with either an epi pen or puffer. Please note in the event of a medical emergency, crèche staff will contact the parent/guardian immediately and start emergency procedures.

What to bring

  • Stroller, if your child needs to sleep/rest. Please note a stroller is also required in emergency situations for children under 12 months or until your child is fully confident in walking.
  • Comforters/dummies if required.
  • All bottles (water and milk) must be clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • Change of clothes, clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • Disposable nappies and wipes.

Parent participation and concerns

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to be involved in the crèche by participating in the following options:

  • helping collect bits and pieces for art and craft activities.
  • discussing any ideas that you must include in the program that meets your child’s interests and needs

If, at any time, you require more information or would like to discuss concerns, please contact one of our friendly team members.

New Crèche Enrolments

If this is your first visit to the crèche, please complete the form online, prior to booking.

Crèche and Kidz Club Enrolment Form

Kidz Club

Enrolments for Kidz Club are now closed but will open in late June.

Kidz Club Important Information
  • Bookings must be made online using the online booking form below;
  • Bookings open up to 48 hours prior to attending;
  • You must complete the Crèche and Kidz Club Enrolment Form prior to attending/booking online;
  • Payments are made in centre, on arrival for your booking;

Crèche and Kidz Club Enrolment Form


The Kidz Club program welcomes children aged five - 13 years.

Kidz Club Prices
Up to 1.5 hours Up to 3 hours
Price per child $5.30 $8.40

Kidz Club July 2024 Program

Arts and craft, games, sports, and puzzles for the kids during the school holidays. Bookings open 48 hours prior to attending and a completed enrollment form is required for each child.

Monday 1 July Monday 8 July

Board games

Titanic basketball game

Paper plate possums 

DIY spinners  

Space invaders sport game 


Tuesday 2 July Tuesday 9 July

DIY bookmarks


Popstick Catapult  

Butterfly jewel magnets 

Group games 

DIY paper lanterns 

Wednesday 3 July Wednesday 10 July

Paperbag kites  

Crab soccer


Paper helicopters 

Lilypad's and leap frog's game 

Felt pencil toppers 

Thursday 4 July Thursday 11 July

Optical illusion colouring 

Golden child 

UNO challenge 

Recycled collage 

Hoola hoop pass 


Friday 5 July Friday 12 July

Peg animals

Elastics game


Craft explosion 

Obstacle course 

Card games 

Book online for your next visit

Online bookings are required in advance of your visit to the crèche. Online bookings open 48 hours prior to the session start time.